Ginger! Mobile Prototype

Timeline: Spring 2020
︎︎︎ In collaboration with Proud Taranat.

As students transition into college, many eventually find themselves lacking the time, tools, and knowledge to cook for themselves. As such, dealing with food waste, having a tough budget, maintaining a healthier diet, or even just keeping track of their groceries can be difficult.

Ginger is a quick and easy fridge management app that addresses these problems by streamlining the grocery shopping process while allowing users to create an effective organizational system for themselves.  



Proud Taranat
Adobe Illustrator, Figma
UI/UX Researcher + Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

       + RESEARCH

To scope our project, we did preliminary secondary research and interviewed numerous college students through snowball sampling. What we found, is that many students who have an interest in cooking and eating healthily tend to manage their fridge well, but is oftentimes forced to prioritize schoolwork over their healthier lifestyle choices. In addition to these interviews, we took our findings and sorted the information through affinity diagramming/clustering.

From there, we were able to come up with three personas that we felt like best represented the stakeholders we wanted to target.

Before we could move on to building our solution, we looked over the research and affinity diagramming again and discovered four key points that we needed to consider:

  1. Work/Life Balance: Many students have an interest in cooking and a desire to eat healthy, but are often times forced to prioritize school over healthy eating depending on the workload they are given throughout the year.
  2. The grocery trip is not where the problem ends: Due to lack of free time and a limited knowledge of cooking, groceries often end up going bad in the fridge.
  3. Consistency is key.
  4. It’s not just about the money.

︎ So how can we facilitate healthier eating habits among college students?

After these findings and considerations, the solution we came up with is a fridge management app called Ginger! — which addresses these three goals:
Ginger’s core values surround the flexibility and customizability.
Users can interact and use the app best suited for their needs, whether it’s to keep track of expiration dates, to use it as a grocery list, or even see what recipes they can use based on what they have. From this, Ginger can help facilitate or even create a new relationship between the user and food/cooking by nurturing or developing habits they find important.


︎  This project is still a work in progress! Stay tuned for more process with both research and prototyping.

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