An archive of past projects + fun things I dabbled in...

01/ Little Period Book

The little period book is a guide to understanding everything about menstruation and its products. 
Though there is a plethora of information about menstrual cycles available to us on the internet and in print, this information can be misleading or difficult to access for young girls getting their periods for the first time. This project aims to persuade young girls going through puberty to feel more empowered to have conversations, seek help, and learn more about their menstrual cycles. We want to communicate that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the menstrual cycle and other bodily changes.

Created with Jenny Liu, Proud Taranat, and Jiaqi Wang

02/ Old Growth Forest Conservation — A short motion film.

In collaboration with Jenny Liu, Proud Taranat, and Jiaqi Wang.

03/ Science of the Secondary: Eggs 

I explored the everyday object (eggs) and designed a book based on my interpretation of the content that was provided from Science of the Secondary (by Atelier Hoko). Besides the consideration of the design inside, we were also responsible for bringing the book to life through various book binding techniques and material selections.

04/ Flameworking Jewlery @Pittsburgh Glass Center

05/ Typographic Alphabet Block Mazes

Nature Sketches