Konrad is a digital consultancy firm that strives to empower influential brands through digital transformation.

TIMELINESummer 2022
10 Weeks
ROLEExperience Design Intern

Due to NDA, I am currently unable to disclose or show specific details of my work at Konrad Group

However, throughout the 10 weeks…

  • Started with an amazing two week bootcamp learning more about design systems & thinking, Figma systems & governance, Agile methodology… so on so forth.

  • Got put on an amazing team for a financial management project and sat in on ~bi-weekly client meetings and participated in daily team meetings.

  • Researched and designed low to high fidelity wireframes, screens, and taskflows optimized for both Web and Mobile (iOS + Android).

  • I enjoyed the amazing espresso machine every morning and free lunch Tuesday + Thursdays :)

Feel free to reach out and ask me more about my experience! I’ll be happy to talk more about the other things I’ve learned from this summer program.