Prophet is a multimedia, interdisciplinary brand strategy agency that strives for uncommon growth.

TIMELINESummer 2023
8 Weeks
ROLEAssociate Design Intern

Brand Strategy @Prophet

Due to NDA, I am currently unable to disclose or show specific details of my work at Prophet. However, I did complete an intern project there during my 8 weeks that I’ll be showcasing here. 

Before that, to also summarize my internship at Prophet...

  • I actively participated in ideation sessions and collaborative meetings alongside senior designers and partners at Prophet for clients.

  • Conducted thorough image searches to source relevant content for projects and created a variety of mockups/assets to visualize design concepts effectively.

  • Produced short After Effects animations to enhance the visual communication of logos.

  • Crafted presentations that effectively communicated project visual systems.

Elias Wine Overview

For my internship project, I had to create a new brand identity based of a given proposal detailing the background, positioning and goals of the client. 

The client for this project is named “Elias Winery”, which is actually based off a real client that Prophet had taken on in the past, but renamed and reformatted into a project proposal for the design interns.

01/ Background + Positioning

Elias Vineyards

Elias Vineyards is a winery located primarily in Napa Valley, producing high-end luxurious wines. Known for their flagship Cabernet Sauvignons and Petite Sirahs, the goal is to create a new Elias identity through building a completely new brand system, packaging for their two flagship wines, alongside any supporting assets like white paper, website, social media and/or even wine tasting cards.

Positioning, Promise, Principles

As wine emphasizes and punctuates meaningful moments we have in life, wine is intentionally opened for special occasions. Focusing on that, this marks Elias’s core brand positioning, which is “Worthy of the Moment” alongside their promise, “For those who value intentional details that elevate meaningful moments into timeless memories”.

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